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NoMo Neabot's Robot Vacuum Series
No More Dust, No More Manual Disposal


Neabot NoMo Q11

AI Obstacle Avoidance

87mm Slim Body

4000Pa Suction

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Neabot NoMo N1 Plus

Self-emptying Dustbin

Mopping System

2700Pa Suction



See what the customers had to say about Neabot Vacuums.

Most reliable robot on the market

I have eight vacuum robots. No, I’m not crazy, I started a YouTube channel (Mr. Roombato) and need to buy them to review them (so far I’ve paid of every one with my own money, so this review is impartial). I use every one of them in my house for at least a month, and after that, some of them stay, others go on a shelf. This one is staying.

First, if you’re wondering if you should buy a vacuum robot at all, the answer is yes. It will change your life. The technology has exploded in the last few years and things we didn’t even think were possible just a few years ago are run of the mill today. You want one, trust me.

I’ve been using this robot for a month doing scheduled cleanings. It has never glitched out, never gotten lost, never nuked its own map and never gotten stuck in a ridiculous place (yes, these are real issues with other robots!) Right now, if you forced me to get rid of all of my robots and keep just one, it would be this one. Why? Because it just works. Its bin works great. Its app is the best I’ve ever used. What few bugs it has (and yes, they all have bugs) are trivial and don’t interfere with its functionality.

If you have mostly carpets, you’ll probably want something different, as this is only an okay carpet cleaner. But on hard floors, it does a fantastic job. Not that it doesn’t clean carpets well, it’s just that there are robots out there that do it better. But for hard floors, this is hard to beat. It also gets really close to walls thanks to a side mounted time of flight sensor.

I love this robot, and the best part is, the price is absurdly low. You can pay twice as much for a Roomba (or more!), but you’d be getting a lesser robot.

Lori R Martin

Best Robotic on the market and easy to use !!

Was skeptical…fantastic purchase! No regrets

I agonized and was skeptical from the beginning because neabot is completely a new brand. I watched some videos on youtube and it seems alright. So I placed the order to give it a try. Glad i did it! The automatic self emptying dustbin was worth every penny. You do not have to worry about emptying the robot because it returns to base and empties itself. I plan on using my central vacuum to clean out the receptacle allowing me to prolong the life of the vacuum bags.

Easily transitions from the hardwood to tile to carpet! Love that it fits under the beds and under furniture (places I missed vacuuming). I also love the fact that I can be doing something else while my house is being cleaned.

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